Technical Specification

Model: LF-0200M

Microphone Capacity: ≤4096

Channel Quantity: 16, 32, 64CH

Frequency Response: 30 ~ 20KHz

S/N Ratio: >75 dB(A)

Channel Crosstalk: >80 dB

THD: <0.05%

Power Supply: 90~132VAC/180~264VAC by switch

Audio Input:

            LINE IN 1: 775mV Balanced

            LINE IN 2: 775mV  Unbalanced

Audio Output:

            LINE OUT 1: 1V Balanced

            LINE OUT 2: 1V Unbalanced

Output load: >1KΩ

RJ45 Interface: Connect to PC

Static Power Consumption: 30W

Output Power Consumption: 320W

Connection Method: Specified Cable (6 Core)

Connector Reliability: Reliable

Standard: IEC60914

Operating Temp: -10℃~+60℃

Operating Humidity: 20%~80% relative humidity,

no condensation

Touch Screen Control: 4.3inch TFT touch screen

Optical Transfer Function: Yes

Color: Black

Weight: About 3Kg

Dimension (L×W×H): 484×305×88mm

Installation: 19"cabinet


Fully digital conference controller, support digital audio transmission, simultaneous channel number 31+1, speech seperation technology. Support 128 microphone units, can add extension panel LF-0200ME to support 4096 microphone units


  1. Digital audio transmission technology, simultaneous interpretation channel number 15+1 (default), 31+1, 63+1, voice separation technology.
  2. System microphone capacity is 4096;  Circuit supports “hot plugging”.
  3. 4 output interfaces for conference units, with output circuit indication; when the circuit is normal, the LED indicator flickers; when the circuit is disconnected, the LED indicator is off.
  4. Four MIC management modes :FIFO/NORMAL/ VOICE /APPLY.
  5. Speech number limit (1/2/4/8) function and speech time limit function.
  6. Conference controller and PC use TCP/IP protocol ; Connecting to PC by Ethernet interface to fulfill remote control.
  7. It has RS-485 interface,can support to connect to one camera to get the camera tracking function , support PELCO-D, VISCA protocol . Can connect multiple cameras to track
  8. With interface for trigger of fire alarm, provide fire alarm message to the local.
  9. 22 channels output for analog audio signal output are used for simultaneous interpretation and or recording.
  10. With fiber interface to fulfill long distance signal transmission without attenuation, to combine two conference rooms into one.
  11. With power control interface to support  power sequencer control.
  12. Support the voting, sig in, simultaneous interpretation, electronic nameplate and other functions, support IC card sign.
  13. Support serial and network dual control mode, support  wireless control.
  14. Built-in reset button, support a key reset to the factory state.
  15. Support one balanced signal and one unbalanced signal input, one balanced signal and one unbalanced signal output.(Audio signal).
  16. To achieve 50 conference rooms remote voting function.