LF-0602 / LF-0602A

Technical Specification

Model: LF-0602 / LF-0602A

Microphone Quantity:

Heart shaped projection electrets microphone

Frequency Response: 80Hz~16KHz


Dynamic Range: -46 dBV/Pa

Crosstalk: 100dB(THD>3%)

THD: >80dB

Power Supply: >70dB

Audio Input: >80dB

Audio Output: <0.1%

Output Load: 2W

Static Consumption: 8-32Ω

Output Consumption: 40mW maximum

Connector: 3.5mm mono jack

Standards: IEC60914

Working Temperature:

Built-in 1.8m aviation plug (8 core)

Working Humidity: Provided

Color: Black

Weight: 0.86kg


  1. With new digital design.
  2. With ring-shaped speech indicator light that can show the status of speech. Red light stands for speaking , green light stands for waiting for a speech.
  3. The special designed microphone shield can eliminate the “poop-poop” low frequency sound even without using the windproof cotton cover.
  4. The chairman is unrestricted by microphone modes and number of speakers.
  5. The chairman unit has full-control priority and can be placed in any position of the loop. The units adopt hand-in-hand cascade connection mode, convenient for installation and maintenance.
  6. The reelable condenser microphone pole and professional large heart-shaped condenser microphones core make the unit a high sensitivity and intelligibility of the speech.
  7. The microphone has high and adjustable sensitivity.
  8. The power of the units is supplied by system host at 24V safe voltage.
  9. The units are connected by T- shaped 8-core cable.
  10. With two groups of 3.5mm stereo sound output socket, can be used for record and earphone connection.
  11. Built-in hi-fi speaker and volume control; with feedback inhibition function. The built-in hi-fi speaker will shut off automatically when the microphone is turned on.
  12. With discussion/automatic video-tracking function.