Technical Specification

Model: LF-0604M

Input Power Supply:

~90-132V/180-264V 50/60Hz  by switch

Mic Capacity: ≤4096

Channel Numbers: 1 CH

Frequency Response: 30 ~ 20KHz

SNR: >72dB(A)

Channel Crosstalk: >80 dB

THD: <0.05%

Audio Input:

            LINE IN: 775mV  unbalanced

            MIC IN : 50mV unbalanced

Audio Output:

            LINE OUT : 1V  unbalanced

            REC OUT: 200mV  unbalanced

Output Load: >1K

Serial Port:

Connect to PC and video tracking controller

Static Power Consumption: 10W

Output Consumption: 340W

Connect Way: Special cables (8 cores)

Connector Reliability: Reliability

Standards         : IEC60914

operation Temp: -10℃~+60℃

Operation Humidity:

20%~80% related humidity, no condensing

Color: Black

Weight: 3Kg

Dimension: 484 ×305× 88mm

Installation Method: 19 inch standard rack


  1. Button-type digital adjustable Volume (0dB/-3Db/-5 dB/-10 dB/-15 dB/OFF ); Base(+6dB/+2 dB/0dB/-2dB-6dB); Treble(+6 dB/+2 dB/0 dB/-2dB/-6dB).
  2. Four conference modes: FIFO (first-in first-out mode); NORMAL (normal mode); FREE (free mode); APPLY (apply speaking).
  3. Function to limit the number of spokesman: adjustable speech units number: 1, 2, 4, 6; chairman unit is not limited by it.
  4. Super extended limitation function; one controller can connect up to 128 units; one system can support up to 4096 units.
  5. “Hand in Hand” cable connected mode, easy to install and maintenance.
  6. Audio processing uses digital equalization module, noise reduction processing module to ensure sound clear and bright; there are two audio inputs and four audio outputs to connect peripheral devices.
  7. It has two output channels for original sound, which can be connected with amplifiers to amplfy the speaker voice and can be connected to cassette for recording.
  8. It has two recording output channels, which can connect the device to record.
  9. With Voting and data management function, it can be used with PC control software, other ITC conferencing systems, central control system and other equipments to achieve a modern high-tech conference.
  10. Working with telephone coupler, it can achieve teleconference.
  11. Working with video camera tracking system it can achieve automatic tracking function
  12. It passed the 3500V high voltage test.
  13. Metal chasis and internal circuit have strengthened the connection with the ground to ensure the 8000V antistatic ability.
  14. Controller can be installed in the 19’ standard rack, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.