Technical Specification

Voice Feathers :

Full duplex echo depth: ≥                                                Full duplex cancellation time: 500ms.                      Two-way noise compression: ≥                                  Line echo cancellation depth: ≥                                      Line echo cancellation time: 32ms.

Audio Feathers :

Microphone frequency response: 100Hz-20KHz.  Microphone pickup range: ≥ 3 meters.            Microphone pickup angle: 360 degrees.              Number of microphones: 4.                                  Speaker frequency response: 100Hz-20KHz.    Speaker volume: maximum 95dB.                          Speaker volume grade: 12 level.                            Number of speakers: 1.

Electrical Characteristics :

Power supply: AC110-AC 220V (50-60Hz).          Maximum power consumption: 12W.


Interface Features :

USB output interface: USB interface × 1.               Audio input interface: 3.5mm interface × 2.         Audio output interface: 3.5mm interface × 2.  Telephone communication interface: RJ11 × 1 (no function).

Working Environment :

Reverberation time: <0.5 seconds.                          Noise level: <-48 dBA.                                            Meeting area: ≤ 30 square meters area or ≤ 10 people venue.

Physical Characteristics : 

Host color: titanium silver.                                      Operating temperature (in operating status): 0℃ ~ 50 ℃.                                                                          Operating humidity (in operating status): 20% -85%.    Size (LWH): 30.5×5 ×6.6 cm.                                  Weight: 3.6kg.



  1. Using dual-core DSP audio processing, the basic frequency is up to 1.4GHZ, the stability achieves industrial quality.
  2. Sampling rate 48KHZ, frequency response 100Hz ~ 22KHz, the perfect collection of human audible voice and music signals.
  3. Using digital signal processing and transmission technique, and improves the high quality audio effect through echo canceller, automatic gain control, dynamic noise suppression and intelligent Microphone calculation etc.
  4. Dual-channel sampling, to provide users with shocking HI-FI stereo audio, providing the industry’s top audio effects.
  5. Adopt the integrated design, simple structure design and two jacks that can be easily recognized by the graphic marking. anti-misuse of the design, even if the wrong operation will not damage the microphone.
  6. Built-in 4 digital array microphone, 360 degrees omnidirectional pickup, the maximum pickup distance is up to 3 meters.
  7. Built-in one 10W HI-FI stereo speaker with 95 dB volume, 12 grade digital volume adjustment.
  8. One USB port seamlessly link to Video Conference System, Multimedia System, UC unified intercom platform, VPN platform, etc.
  9. 2 way 3.5mm interface audio input and output, 2 way 3.5mm interface audio output, seamless link to video conferencing systems, on-site conferencing systems and mixing console, etc.