Technical Specification

Voice Feature :

Full duplex echo canceller depth: ≥65dB                  Full duplex echo canceller time: 500ms                        Bi-direction voice compression: ≥18dB                    Line echo canceller depth: ≥25dB                              Line echo canceller time: 32ms

Audio Feature :

Mic frequency response: 100Hz-20KHz                      Mic pick-up sound range:  ≥5m                                    Mic pick-up sound angle: 360 degree                          Mic qty: 1

Interface Feature :

Microphone interface: Rj9×1

Electric Feature :

Power supply: Powered by Main Microphone

Working Environment :

Reverberation time: < 0.5s                                                  Noise level: < -48 Dba

Physical Feature : 

Color: black                                                             Working temperature (operating): 0℃~50℃     Working humidity (operating): 20%~85%                 Size (∮): 10.0×0 cm                                                 Weight: 1Kg


  1. Adopt integration design, simple structure design. Built-in 1 digital microphone, 360 degree omni-directional pickup with max distance 5m.
  2. One-key mute switch, with clear LED indicator light.