Technical Specification

Model: LF-7704

Network Interface:

Stand RJ45 input (2 Group RJ45)

Transmission Rate: 100Mbps

Protocol: TCP/IP,UDP,IGMP(Multicast)

Audio Formats: MP3

Audio Mode: 16 Stereo CD Tone

Sampling Rate: 8K~ 48KHz

Aux Input Level: Four-channels signel 350mV

industry standard

Audio Output Level: Four-channels 1000mV

industry standard terminals

MIC Input Sensitivity: 5mV

Total AUX Input Level: 350mV industry standard


Harmonic Distortion: ≤0.3%

Signal To Noise Ratio: >65dB

Power Consumption: <40W

Standby Power Consumption: <3W

Working Temperature: 5℃~ 40℃

Operating Humidity: 20% ~ 80% relative humidity,

no condensation

Size: 484×303×88mm

Weight: 6Kg


T-7704 is a popular model installed in control room or sub control center, linking to 4 poweramplifiers. It is ideal choice to broadcast in hall, corridor, outdoor areas etc.




* It is a 19 rack mount IP/TCP network audio adapter, with black alumina panel, strong handle, professional mechanical assembly process, high-end appearance.

* Adopt embedded computer and DSP audio processing technology, high speed industrial SCM system chips, to ensure the start-up time is less than 1 second.

* Build-in 4-channel network hardware audio decoding modules, it supports TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP(multicast protocol), to realize the network transfer audio signal .

* 4-channel audio outputs to connect four power amplifiers. It adapts industrial connectors and screw fixing, with higher connection reliability than conventional connector.

* With 4 AUX and Mic mix inputs, independent volume adjustment, one key to open priority, prior to network audio signal.

* With 4 independent power outputs and 2 public power outputs,, to cascade other devices. It is with intelligent power management to automatically cut off the main power output in case of no music or paging, and make cascaded devices enter into standby status. Meanwhile, the power output can be preset to open automatically.

* With 4-channel independent three-wire alarm relay interface, to ensure alarm can be controlled by control center, no need additional 24V DC power supply. Volume control is 3-wires connected and with unlimited quantities. 

* 4-channel independent two-color LED indicators for alarm, priority and power status.

* With authorized operation and management function, to support server unify the user and password management.

* The 4-channel network hardware audio decoding modules are with independent power switch management, to easily modify the network IP decoder address.

* It supports remote hardware upgrade of the terminal, no need to upgrade at the local site, to reduce maintenance burdens and make more simple operation.