Technical Specification

Model: LF-77500Z

Network Interface: Standard RJ45 input

Transmission Rate: 100Mbps

Support Protocol: TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP(Multicast)

Audio Format: MP3

Audio Mode: 16 bits CD sound quality

Sampling Rate: 8K~48KHz

EMC Input Sensitivity: 775mV  (Unbalance)

AUX Input Sensitivity: 350mV  (Unbalance)

MIC Input Sensitivity: 5mV   (Unbalance)

AUX Output Amplitude: 1000mV  2 lotus flower

output interface

AUX Output Impedance: 470Ω

Treble Adjustment Range: ±10dB

Bass Adjustment Range: ±10dB

Rated Power: 500W

Power Consumption: 750W

Standby Power Consumption: <3W

Frequency Response: 80Hz~16KHz +1/-3dB

THD: ≤1%

SNR: >65dB

Output Method: 100V constant pressure output

Circuit Protection: DC output, overload, over

temperature, short circuit protection

Working Temperature: 5℃~40℃

Working Environment Humidity:

20% ~80% relative humidity, no condensation

Input Power: ~220-240V 50-60Hz

Dimension: 484 x 359 x 132mm

Weight: 18Kg


Installed in low voltage or sub-control room in the radio management area, built-in high-fidelity power amplifier, suitable for the hall, corridor, outdoor and other areas of the program broadcast and local radio.


*  Standard 19 inch rack design, black aluminum panel, solid handle, professional mechanical assembly technology, the appearance is very high-end.

*  Industrial-grade 3.4-inch LCD display, it can clearly show the majority of dot pattern and machine work status; equipped with infrared remote control, on-demand all contents in server program library, can control the playback / pause, flexible and simple operation.

*  Using embedded computer and DSP audio processing technology, high-speed industrial-grade SCM system chip, start time is less than 1s.

*  Built-in 1 network hardware audio decoding module, support TCP / IP, UDP, IGMP (multicast protocol), to achieve network transmission 16-bit CD audio quality audio signal.

*  Built-in high-fidelity professional analog amplifier, with selection of 120W / 240W / 350W / 500W 8-zone independent control and constant pressure of 100V power output.1 ~ 8 regional output port, when the server PC software is configured, it supports to call any area (or zone group), supports to call whole area. Supports configure one zone (or zone group) perform timing tasks in single time period. Support alarm task, task of triggering linkage to broadcast to any area (or zone group), support task of real-time file playback to any area (or zone group), support real-time terminal collection and broadcast on any area (or zone group). Area output is 100V, can be used to connect speaker with 100V constant pressure ;

*  1 line (AUX) and 1 microphone (MIC) input interface, with independent potentiometer control on volume and treble/bass adjustment, support local paging function when there is now network connection.

*  1 channel EMC input interface, emergency alarm voice signal is direct connection input which with the highest priority.

*  2-channel audio signal auxiliary output interfaces can extend to external connect power amplifier, with standard lotus seat interface, the wiring connection is very convenient.

*  Built-in intelligent power management, when there is no music or call, it will automatically cut off the power amplifier, when there is signal,it will automatically turn on the power amplifier,support function of IP software program pre-open power amplifier.

*  Built-in 3 priority settings:

   EMC with the highest priority.

   The network alarm signal with higher priority than MIC, AUX and network background music signals.

   MIC with higher priority than AUX and network background music signals.

   AUX and network background music for the same priority level.

*  Support silence intensity preset decrease function, support background accompaniment preset function; support status light display, including level indicator, protection indicator, standby light and so on. Machine standby power is less than 3W, which meet the national environmental protection and energy saving certification standards.

*  Compatible with routers, switches, bridge gateway, Modem, Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, multicast, unicast and any other network structure.

*  Digitalized products, easy expansion, no limitation of geographical location, no need to increase the engine room management equipment, adopt a total network of free road construction design, easy to install.

*  It supports remote hardware upgrade of the terminal, no need to upgrade at the local site, to reduce maintenance burdens and make more simple operation.