Technical Specification

Model: LF-7781 / LF-7782 /LF-7783 / LF-7784

Output Rated Power: 15W/8Ω / 30W/8Ω / 45W/8Ω / 60W/8Ω

Network Interface: Standard RJ45 input

Protocol: TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP(multicast)

Audio Format: MP3

Sampling Rate: 8K-48KHz

Transmission Rate: 100Mbps

Audio Mode: 16-bit CD sound quality

Export Rate: 80Hz~16KHz

Harmonic Distortion: ≤1%

Signal-to-noise Ratio: ≥70dB

Waterproof Degree: IP65

Temperature: -20℃~60℃

Humidity: 20%~80%Relative humidity, no condensation

Input Power: ~220V/50Hz

Speaker Unit: 4″×1 / 4″×2 / 4″×3 / 4″×4

Power Consumption: ≤20W / ≤40W / ≤55W / ≤70W

Size: 150×125×410mm / 150×125×510mm / 150×125×610mm / 150×125×770mm

Weigh: 3.3Kg / 4.2Kg / 5.6Kg / 7.2Kg


It is integrated designed of digital network decoding block and the column speaker, which have aluminum waterproof, anti-corrosion housing; Installed in outdoor posts in various broadcast management areas,, can be used for program broadcasting and local broadcasting in areas like hall, path and outdoor squares, etc.



*  Professional integrated structural design, excellent box sealing performance, rapid conduction of all copper nickel plated grounding columns. Meet the use and safety requirements of outdoor harsh environments, and meet the IP66 protection class certification requirements.

*  Device is designed with embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology, and it is equipped with reliable and stable rapid industrial-grade hardware chip, to ensure the start-up time is less than 1 second.

*  Temperature range of operating environment is -20℃~60℃, it is applicable for all kinds of harsh environment.

*  Build-in high efficient digital amplifier, build in 15W, 30W, 45W, 60W drive in speaker, excellent sound quality, strong power.

*  Build-in 1 channel network hardware audio decoding modular,support TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (multicast) protocols, to networked transfer 16-bit stereo CD audio signal quality;

*  Support 1000 level custom audio priority mute control.

*  Support server unified authorization operation management function, unified configuration management user and password;

*  Support LAN and WAN,compatible with arbitrary network structure, such as router,               switch, gateway and bridge, Modern, 2G, 3G, 4G, multicast, unicast, etc.

*  It supports remote hardware update of the terminal, no need go to upgrade at the local site, to reduce maintenance burdens and make more simple operation.

*  Supports multi segment parametric equalizer adjustment of software,can do personalized adjustment for device tones.

*  Digital products with easy expansion, without geographical restrictions, no need to increase management equipment on the machine room , using a common network from the design concept of line construction for easy installation.

*  Can be customized 24V DC power supply to meet the outdoor solar battery power demand.