Technical Specification

Model: LF-7802U

Network Interface: Standard RJ45 input

Transmission Rate: 1000Mbps/100Mbps

Support Protocol: TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP(multicast),


Audio Format: Mp3, WMA, WAV

Audio Mode: 16 bit CD quality

Sampling Rate: 8K~48KHz

AUX Input: 1 group

AUX Sensitivity: 350mV

MIC Input: 1 group (Optional of mic rod or

postpositional headphone, 3.5mm interface input

MIC Sensitivity: 10mV

Line Output: 1 group

Line Output Level/Impedance: 1000mV/470Ω

MIC Type: Heart centered electret

Earphone Output Connector: 3.5mm interface

Earphone Load: 32Ω

USB: Maximum support 4T USB device; load <0.1A

SD: Maximum support 128G / SDXC card

Power Consumption: 20W

Standby Power Consumption: <3W

Frequency Response: 80Hz~16KHz, -3dB/+1dB

THD: ≤1%

SNR: >65dB

Short-circuit Input: 0V/3.3V, Support dry contact


Short-circuit Output: Maximum 1A/30VDC dry

contact output

Working Voltage: ~190-240V 50-60Hz (power

adapter); DC24V/2A

Extended Interface: 1×RJ45 Special device


Working Temperature: 5℃~40℃

Working Humidity: 20%~80% Relative humidity,

without condensation

Size: 200×225×90mm

Weight: 1.45Kg


It is installed in control room, duty room or office to realize the function of music play, paging, intercom and monitor.



* New desktop appearance design, 7 inch TFT true color screen, graphical operation interface, capacitive touch screen, easy operation and luxuriant beauty.

* Based on Luna cloud server, with very high security and reliability, support for 7*24 hours work without interruption.

* Support for multi users switch to login, user-defined the function using right

* With terminal management function, it’s able to control the terminals which are under the management right, and it’s able to check and manage the terminal current task and status.

* Support checking information about devices status and management equipment on the backstage WEB.

Graphics volume adjustment interface, it can adjust the volume of program, local MIC and local AUX.

* Display the current broadcasting audio, timed broadcasting, equipment status information, IP address, MAC address, etc, in the screen.  The user can stop the broadcasting audio by pressing one button.

* With two types of call methods: by microphone or headphone; it’s suitable for different spots

* With multi reminder methods: ring tone, talking caller ID, light and message; support for one key answer, one key monitor, hands-free call and missed call message recording function.

* Support for programmable buttons, it can be configured as one key broadcast, one key intercom, one key meeting, one key music playing, one key SOS to satisfy different user demands.

* Integrated with 24Bit professional sound card, it can realize enthusiast audio play; audio stream is up to 768kpbs

* With built-in 2GByte  SSD; support for remote server management; support for background download under limited bandwidth and auto download when idle to reduce the network burden; media library files has the function of auto play when off line

* Integrated with USB and Micro SD(TF) card interface, max support 4T USB storage device and 128G/SDXC card; Can play the music in USB, TF card and media library files to terminals which are under management right

* Built-in 2W full frequency intercom speaker, with clear and loud sound; the projection microphone ensures the clear sound free from disturbance.

* With dual network interface, support for exchange and extension mode and redundant backup mode; Full rate connection is up to 1000M; support for cross-segment and cross routing

* With rich network connection methods, including DHCP automatic allocation connection, ADSL connection, fixed IP address connection and etc.

* With 1 AUX audio input, 1 group MIC input,, built-in digital preamp, support user-defined priority level

* Built-in 1 Line independent output to connect external amplifier; support standard headphone jack to connect head microphone and realize audio monitor function.

* 2 short-circuit output, 2 short-circuit input, support for flexible user-defined function, to realize short-circuit collect, alarm triggered, and linkage with the third party system such as fire system and monitor and etc.

* Support for short-circuit trigger factory reset function, convenient for system maintenance and management

* AC power supply and zero switching time 24V DC backup power, to realize 7×24 hour working

* The system supports remote hardware updating to the terminals, no need to go to the local terminal site, save a lot of maintenance work.