Technical Specification

Model: LF-7803

Network Interface: Standard RJ45 input

Transmission Speed: 100Mbps

Supported Protocols: TCP/IP,UDP,IGMP(multicast),


Audio Formats: Mp3, WMA, WAV

Audio Mode: 16-bit CD-quality

Sampling Rate: 8K~48K

AUX Input: 1 group

AUX Sensitivity: 350mV

MIC Input: 1 group

MIC Sensitivity: 10mV

Line Output: 1 group

Line Output Level/Impedance: 1000mV/470Ω

Power Consumption: 20W

Standby Power Consumption: <3W

Frequency Range: Panel Speaker: 314Hz~3.14KHz,

-3dB/+1dB    SPK: 314Hz~3.14KHz, -3dB/+1dB

THD: ≤1%

SNR: >65dB

Short-circuit Input: 0V/3.3V, Support dry contact


Short-circuit Output: Maximum 1A/30VDC dry

contact input

Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃

Working Humidity: 20%~80% Relative humidity,

no condensation

Working Voltage: ~190-240V 50-60Hz (Power

adapter); DC24V/2A

Size: 86×172×58mm

Weight: 0.5Kg


Professional integration of intercom terminal, suitable for indoor and outdoor environment installation, anti-stamp waterproof design, one key to alarm and call the center or duty room.




* Exquisite workmanship and delicate appearance. can be in-wall mounted or surface mounted.

* Luna cloud-based server, with a very high safety and excellent stability, support uninterrupted work 7 × 24 hours.

* A key to help function, to achieve full-duplex intercom with call centers, duty room and other regional microphones.

* Custom key function, you can set a key for help, a key intercom, a key meeting, and a key file playback for variety applications.

* With a lot of terminal linkage trigger programs such as the panel removed, terminal online and offline, you can set the synchronization email messages sending, alarm terminal linkage other regions and other triggers.

* With a sound pressure alarm function, when the detected volume sound pressure continuous exceeds a specific range, according to the preset program, it will automatically trigger an alarm to specific terminal, and pop-up prompts in software interface,message will be sent by email.etc.

* Built-in high sensitivity microphone, wide pickup collection range, good tone reproduction, support hands-free calls and receive broadcast function.

* Built-in full-range 3W high-fidelity speakers, voice clear and loud, with 10W power amplifier, can connect with external 10W constant resistance speaker.

* Built-in 2GByte SSD, support the remote server management, background downloading under limited bandwidth or automatic download function at idle period, reduce the burden of network, the media library file can be opened offline auto play.

* Integrated with 24Bit professional-grade sound card, enable enthusiast audio playback, the highest audio stream 768kpbs.

* The rich network access methods, including DHCP to automatically assign access, ADSL intelligent dial-up access, fixed IP address access, etc.

* With 1 AUX audio input, built-in digital pre-amplifier, supports user-defined priority level.

* Built-in 1 Line out independent audio output to achieve an external amplifier, for audio monitoring, etc.

* 2 short-circuit output, 2 short-circuit input, supports flexible customization, you can short-circuit acquisition, alarm triggered, electronic door locks, and fire and implement joint application, monitoring and other third-party devices and platforms.

* Supports short-circuit trigger factory reset function, which is easy for system maintenance and management.

* With the design of double color lights for panel button, visual display terminal work status and fault conditions.

* Protection level IP55, the whole aluminum alloy, with anti-stab protection and special screws, and tamper alarm function.

* Support checking information about devices status and management equipment on the backstage WEB.

* The system supports remote hardware updating to the terminals, no need to go to the local terminal site, save a lot of maintenance work.