Technical Specification

Model: LF-7806

Network Interface: Standard RJ45 input

Transmission Rate: 100Mbps

Protocol: TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (multicast), IETF SIP

Audio Format: Mp3, WMA, WAV

Audio Mode: 16-bit CD level

Sampling Rate: 8K~48KHz

AUX Input: 1 Group

AUX Sensitivity: 350mV

Local MIC Input: 1 Group (TRS interface or 3.5mm

interface optional)

Local MIC Sensitivity: TRS interface 5mV, 3.5mm

interface 10mV

Monitor MIC Input: 1 group

Monitor MIC Sensitivity: 10mV

Line Output: 1 group

Line Output Level/Impedance: 1000mV/470Ω

Earphone Output Connector: 3.5mm interface

Earphone Load: 32Ω


EMC Input: 1 group

EMC Sensitivity: 775mV

Power Consumption: 30W

Standby Power Consumption: <3W

Frequency Response: 80Hz~16KHz, -3dB/+1dB

THD: ≤1%

SNR: >65dB

Short-circuit Input: 0V/3.3V, Support dry contact


Short-circuit Output: Maximum 1A/30VDC dry

contact output

Operating Temperature: 5℃~40℃

Operating Humidity: 20%~80% relative humidity,


Working Voltage: ~190-240V 50-60Hz Power

adapter; DC24V/2A

Size: 170×134×45mm

Weight: 2.5Kg


Installed in room, classrooms, guest rooms etc. to do remote and local broadcast.




* Professional wall-mounted design, easy for installation

* Based on Luna cloud server, with high safety and stability, support 7×24 hours uninterrupted operations.

* Built in with 2 ×10W amplifier module, ensuring good sound quality.

* Built in with 2GByte SSD; support remote server management and downloading in background under limited bandwidth or automatic downloading in idle time, which can lighten the network burden, the files in media library can be played automatically in offline status.

* With multiple network access ways, including DHCP automatic distribution access, ADS intelligent dialing access, fixed IP address access, etc.

* Integrated with 24Bit professional sound card, realizing high-end audio quality, the highest audio stream up to 768kpbs.

* With 1 AUX audio input, 1 group MIC input, 1 EMC emergency input; Built-in digital pre-amplifier; support user-defined priority; with 1 monitor MIC to achieve equipment self-test, working environment monitoring and operator assessment.

* Built-in 1 Line out independent audio output, to connect with external amplifier; With standard headset interface to realize audio monitoring, and headset microphone sound reinforcement.

* 2 short-circuit output, 2 short-circuit input; Support flexible user-defined function; achievable of short-circuit input, alarm trigger; realizable to connect with third-party platform like fire alarm, CCTV, etc.

* Support intelligent power-saving and pre-turn on management to save energy and ensure the equipment work stably.

* Support short circuit trigger to restore factory settings, which is easy for system maintenance and management.

* Support checking information about devices status and management equipment on the backstage WEB.

* Wide voltage power supply + DC 24V backup power without time interval, to provide 7×24h power.

* The system supports hardware remote updating to terminals, no need to go to the local terminal site, saving a lot of maintenance work.