Technical Specification

Model: LF-7823

Power Supply: ~190-240V 50-60Hz; DC24V/2A

Network Interface: Standard RJ45 Input

Transmission Rate: 100Mbps

Protocol: TCP/IP,UDP,IGMP(Multicast), IETF SIP

Short-circuit Input Interface: 30 channels

Short-circuit Output Interfaces: 30 channels

Power Consumption: 25W

Standby Power Consumption: <3W

Short-circuit Input:

0V/3.3V, support dry contact input

Short-circuit Output:

Maximum 3A/30VDC dry contact output

Operating Temperature: 5℃~40℃

Operating Humidity:

20%~80% relative humidity, non-condensation

Size: 484×310×88mm

Weight: 4.15Kg


It is installed in the fire control room to receive short circuit trigger signal from fire control system, to realize fire alarm linkage function.




* Standard 19-inch rack-mount design, 2U aluminum industrial panel.

* Based on Luna cloud server, with high safety and stability, support 7×24 hours uninterrupted operations.

* With multiple network access ways, including DHCP automatic distribution access, ADS intelligent dialing access, fixed IP address access, etc.

* 30 fire alarm short-circuit signal input interfaces, it can be expanded input interface without limitation to meet a bigger operation system.

* 30 fire alarm short-circuit signal output interfaces, it can be real-time connected with other related equipment.

* Support one key to restore factory settings, which is easy for system maintenance and management.

* Wide voltage power supply + DC 24V backup power without time interval, to provide 7×24h power for internals.

* Instead of terminal local upgrade, T-7800R can support remote firmware upgrade. Saving a lot of maintenance work.