Technical Specification

Model: LF-MT01/LF-MT01M4/LF-MT01M8

Built-in MCU : NO/4 sites/8 sites

Size : 248mm×142mm×205.5mm

Framework Protocol : In accordance with ITU H.323 and VCS protocol

Power Supply : DC 12V

Video Input :

1-channel HD video input, +1 channel built-in HD video input ; Support 1280×720P 60fps/50fps/30fps/25fps, 1920×1080P 60fps/50fps/30fps/25fps HD input

Video Output :

2-channel HD video outputs, HDMI×2, Supports 1280×720P 60fps/50fps/30fps/25fps, 1920×1080P 60fps/50fps/30fps/25fps and 4K HD output

Audio Input :

2 -channel audio inputs, MIC IN×1, LINE In×1

Audio Output : 2 -channel audio output, HDMI×1, LINE OUT×1, support connect to speaker or audio mixer



Internet Port : 1 -channel gigabit, Rj45×1

USB PortInterface :

≥2 USB interfaces, can be used to extend and upgrade online

Video Protocol :

Support H.264, H264HP, H264SVC, H.265 video standard protocol

Dual Stream Protocol :

Support H. 239 dual stream protocol.

Audio Protocol :

Support G.711A, G.711U, G.722, G.722.1, G.722.1 C, OPUS CODEC protocol standard

Display Method : Support 4:3 and 16:9

Access Rate : Access rate of 64Kbps – 8Mbps

Audio Quality :

20KHz (supports dual sound track stereo effect), opus-48k



LF-MT01series is a new Integrated HD video conference terminal, with integrated  HD camera, with delicate appearance and excellent performance;It supports H.265 technology, it can achieve ultra-high definition effects with ultra-low bandwidth, simple installation, suitable for various medium and small size of meeting applications.


  1. Adopting split type structure, built-in hardware video processing unit,  with embedded operating system, non-Windows, Android, etc.

  2. With various interfaces, including 3-channel HD video inputs, 2 -channel HD video outputs.
  3. Support the repair mechanism in case of IP network packet loss, to ensure that there is no mosaic  when the packet loss rate reaches 5%. the conference can still be held normally when the packet loss rate reaches 8%. the image to be acceptable when it is 20% packet loss . audio is not affected and the conference is guaranteed to proceed normally with 70% packet loss rate.

  4. With ultra strong network adaptability, it adjusts the resolution  according to the network automatically according to the network  to ensure the  meeting go fluently.

  5. With H.239 dual-stream protocol, both main and auxiliary streams can reach 1080P.

  6. With super network adaptability, it will adjust the resolution to ensure the smoothness of the meeting according to the network automatically.
  7. With H.239 dual-stream protocol, both main and auxiliary streams can reach 1080P.

  8. Supports single screen with double images, dual screen with double images function.

  9. Support for PIP function.  ONE single-screen maximum support 25-channel screen at the same time.
  10. Built-in conference recording module, to fulfill conference recording.
  11. The terminal is built-in sign-in, electronic whiteboard, voting, file sharing and other data conferencing functions.
  12. The terminal built-in MCU supports max. 22-site conferences, supporting H.239 auxiliary streams.

  13. It supports open, close, drag and drop the remote video image at will .
  14. It supports automatically open the remote auxiliary stream video image .
  15. It supports remote control to the dual-stream code rate, resolution , as well as the PTZ camera for all remote sites

  16. It supports sending scrolling messages, banners and other operations.
  17. Built-in 4G module to realize meeting with 4G network. (optional)

  18. Built-in wifi module to support meeting with wifi network. (optional)

  19. It supports wireless screen projection function. (optional)