Technical Specification

Model: LF-B8C4/LF-B16C4/LF-B32C4

Loading :

8-channel users/16-channel users users/32-channel users 

Concurrent Meeting : 4-channel meeing/4-channel meeing /4-channel meeing 

Video Output :

8-channel HDMI/8-channel HDMI /8-channel HDMI 

Power Supply : 100VAC~240VAC  50Hz~60Hz

Architecture Protocol :

Complies with ITU H.323 and IETF SIP standards; compatible with SIP

Video Protocol :

Support H.264, H.264 High profile, H.264 SVC, H.265 codec protocol standard

Dual-stream Protocol :

Support H.239 dual-stream protocol

Audio Protocol :

Support G.711A, G.711U, G.722, iLBC, G.722.1, OPUS_16K, OPUS_24K, OPUS_48K and so on, the audio codec protocol standard

Video Resolution :

Mainstream resolution support QCIF, CIF, 4CIF, 480P, D1, 720P, 1080P, 4K (VCS)                                              Auxiliary streaming video resolution support XGA, 720P, 640×480, 1280×1024, 1080P, 4K (VCS)

Audio Quality : Reach to 48KHz, support stereo

Audio Processing : 

Support lip synchronization/multimix/echo cancellation/automatic gain/noise cancellation/acoustic/silent/phantom power functions;

Intelligent Mix : 

It can realize multi-channel intelligent mixing function, the system automatically join the sound of the meeting into the mixing queue according to the volume.

Speaking Management :

Support automatically mute, mute all, speak all, turn off all, and pronounce all when join in the meeting

Voice Excitation :

Voice excitation function, the screen will automatically pop up when the terminal in speaking

Meeting Mode :

Director meeting mode, chairman meeting mode, MCU convening mode, conference room mode, broadcasting mode, free mode

Coding Option :

Support options on Audio and video synchronization encoding or audio encoding

Video Function :

Support video polling, video echo, video recording, video camera, image preview, video live broadcasting and other functions

Meeting Management :

Support re-invitation when offline suddenly; Support remote-control cameras; Support conference terminals hang up, invite offline, delete offline, site name settings, banner settings, scrolling messages, Chinese and English subtitles and other venue control functions                                                    Support extended meeting time, end meeting, cascade screen settings, chair site, auto fill, switch layout, audio receiving, audio sending, video receiving, video sending, video adjustment, watching video, information query, speaking by name, depriving chairman, hanging Conference management functions such as disconnect/call, group management site, designated viewing screen, etc.

Security :

Support setting conference joining password, conference control password, and administrator password to ensure conference security

Network :

With dual 100M/1000M network interface, adaptable to DDN, ISDN, ATM, SDH, VPN, satellite, ADSL and other lines                                                                Support multi-level network video management, also support flat-type network management

Network Transmission Protocol : 

Support FEC forward error correction function, when the data packet loss rate is less than 20% and it is not continuous packet loss, the picture will not appear blurred or serious mosaic

Network Transport Protocol : 

Compatible with IPV4 and IPV6; Supports Multicast

Network Reliability : 

Have the ability to cross routers and firewalls to ensure system security and support dual-network access

Stability : 

The system application realizes the function of automatic re-invitation when the terminal abnormal offline. The system with the function of automatically restoring the conference within 5 seconds; the disconnected network will reconnected within 5 seconds.

Management and Maintenance :

Adopt Chinese and English management interfaces which can realize English and Chinese WEB management that conforming to Chinese usage habits; Through the web management, it can realize device management, user management, and conference management, also support remote maintenance methods such as Telnet and SSH, and perform zone  management based on user characteristics and regional characteristics.                    Support real-time status display on audio, mainstream, and auxiliary stream network, including data about packet loss rate, code stream, frame rate and delay.                                                                Support network ping test, network bandwidth test, network packet loss rate test.                                Support system hardware monitoring function, can real time monitor the working status of various hardware modules of the system, also with abnormal alarm function.                                                        Support remote control and remote upgrade.        User right grading,   assign different management and usage rights to different users.

Others : Support voice priority, support QoS policy, support H235 signaling encryption, AES media stream encryption; support QOS, NAT, H245 tunnel and other parameters.

Environmental Requirements Temperature :

(operating state) -40°C to 55°C (non-operating state)

Relative Humidity :

10% to 80% (operating state) 0% to 95% (non-operating state) (non-condensing)

Surrounding Hoise : Less than 50dBA



The new generation VCS8000 series ,is integrated by CMS, CRS, MCU, GK, live broadcast, storage function, with module design of card plug-in, support 4K resolution which brings user an excellent experience on video conference.


  1. Built-in chart. it supports icon to display usage rate for and meeting sites, the system can count information such as meeting times, meeting duration, number of meetings etc., according to  time, meeting type and participants gathering.
  2. It supports distributed MCU composed of cloud architecture, in the whole system, as long as there is one MCU running, the meeting can run normally. Support multiple MCU to be tree cascading or reticular cascading modes to build a “MCU pool”. In this pool, all resources can be shared, scheduled and backed up.
  3. One MCU max support 6-channel full functional meeting, 20 VCS meetings or virtual meetings, 32-channel 1080P concurrent users, allowing 1000 users to access into the meeting after cascaded.
  4. Support meetings of mixed speed, mixed video format and mixed protocol .
  5. Support H.239 digital dual-stream technology, the main and secondary stream can reach 1080P.
  6. Supports auxiliary dual-stream function. the same conference (in VCS mode) , supports N terminals send N secondary streams at the same time.
  7. Support a variety of common multiple picture layout, each screen max up to 64 images. support automatic screen split.
  8. Integrated with conference recording and broadcasting module,  built-in GK module.
  9. Support immersive telepresence, live broadcast, count name, integrated conference recording, background music broadcasting and so on.
  10. Support SMS or email notification.
  11. Support FTP, external connecting FTP server to expand the video recording space for storage and back up of the MCU.
  12. Support RTSP and RTMP, live broadcasting , support extending external RTMP servers, and enables live broadcasting on conference screens unlimited by the number of MCU conferences.
  13. Support real time conference video watching through the conference control interface.
  14. Support API integrated with the third-party OA system, make meeting reservation according to the procedure of application initiation, multi-level approval, final decision and so on, to achieve the graded decentralized or centralized management on the daily meeting.
  15. Support mobile phone or fixed phone to access into meeting directly.
  16. Support IP camera to access into meeting directly.
  17. Built-in input to TV wall, to realize direct output HDMI/4K signal to  screen display, a single device max supports 12 channel video outputs.
  18. Supports soft terminals such as Windows/Mac, IOS/Android, etc. to access into conferences and achieve dual-stream data, such as electronic whiteboards, voting, sign in, and file sharing .
  19.  Support intelligent flow control, including notification coding and code rate automatic adjustment..After notification coding started up, the MCU will automatically adjust the coding parameters of the terminal according to the window size displayed on the MCU. After the code rate automatic adjustment started up, the MCU will automatically adjust the code rate according to loss package, delay and so on.